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Petition for a Chrono Cross Re-Make

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Hi, fellow Tumblrs. 

I have been out of this for quite a while but now I am going to focus a bit more on this petition. Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Overall: Chrono Cross maybe wasn’t as known and as famous as Final Fantasy but it was good enough that many, MANY people loved it and in personal, me and my friends, keep playing it. This can be me 26th time playing it and I know I would keep on it if it had better graphics and some voice acting!
  • Battle System: The battle system was original, not 100% but around an 80%. Combo attacks with % of Hit? Seems original enough for me. We need good game-play, battle systems in current games is just disappointing. 
  • Elements: Elements also were a very important part of Chrono Cross. The element grid where you could make your elements stronger (or weaker). Also only one element of each per battle? That made it exciting. Having to have multiple of your favorite elements to make sure you could use them multiple times was just fun.
  • Story: I will admit it, the story wasn’t THE BEST but the overall rest of the game made up for it. But well, who didn’t get drawn into the story anyway? (I’m no giving any spoilers for those of you who haven’t played the game for any reason). Everyone liked the story even if it wasn’t the best. I will say, at least it had one, to me, Final Fantasy VIII for example just seemed like Squall running around in circles :/
  • Items: THIS is one of the things that made me laugh and made me think a lot at the same time. Some think it is stupid but I can’t forget at first where I got lost and went through dimensions over and over to try to do something when all I had to do was press “Square” and use an item on something lol. This is very fun and if I am not mistaken using certain items on certain people gave you extra stuff in the game or simply fun dialogues to read.
  • Map: It’s cool that you could around and going to different places with some liberty. It is not a big map but you can do many things on each. That multiplied by 2 dimensions = Enough fun to play all day. 
  • Characters: The characters had their personalities well-defined. Most of them had a different form of speaking that you could notice on their dialogues. Their model was well-thought as well, they weren’t just randomly designed as generic characters.
  • Getting Characters: This proves to be a very fun experience that can change your overall experience of the game no matter how many times you try it. Getting a character makes you go one way or another, not getting a character can get you another 2 along the way that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise, etc. This is always a fun experience.
  • Characters meeting each other: These dialogues are always cool and some of them get you items, elements, etc. Speaking with characters with their double on the other dimension or people they know, family, etc. It really is worth it to roam around with a bunch of random people just to get everything you can from this.
  • Video Scenes: I really LOVED these. For a PS1 game these really impressed me even after having a PS3 for years. I’m like “Wow, did these scenes always look so cool?”. They should really focus on making all the game look more like that.

All in all, what I am saying instead of releasing most of the games they have been releasing lately they could do re-makes of games that actually are worth it.

Let’s be real. Any RPG nowadays you can play it for like 20 Hours at 100% :/ they are a One-Way-RPG so you cannot do ANYTHING outside the main story, the battle systems are boring. All they are thinking about is graphics. What good is graphics if I’m gonna get bored of the game in a day? That really just kills the company that makes them really slowly but sure.

I have some suggestions that I think would make this a little more interesting without affecting the overall fun people have with the game and can make the ones that weren’t able to play it before for any reason to be able to play it and enjoy what most of us have enjoyed and still enjoy:

  • Better Graphics: The maps of the cities and basically everything can use a boost to match mostly the graphics of some newer RPGs.
  • Character Tweaks: Mostly like the graphics just focusing on their art a bit more, put a little more background story on the BIOS of the characters.
  • Voice Acting: Very important since most, if not all,the RPGs nowadays have voice acting anyway. This will give a good feeling to the game other than that awkward constant silence hidden by the background music which is not so loud to begin with.
  • DLC: Some extra stuff would be fun as well. Who doesn’t wanna go to the mainland, through that impassable current on the upper-left corner of the map? I think that would make up some interesting extra-game experience that everyone would be looking forward.

Square Enix really should really get their stuff together and stop making so many useless games as they have been doing and start focusing on what really matters: Their customers. What good will graphics be if people just get bored of playing their games? 

I really hope Square Enix takes a look at this and considers it. It is really worth it and it is a win-win situation for everyone. 

I hope you enjoyed the read and please Like/Re-Blog if you also think Chrono Cross should get a Re-Make. 

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